At Haritha TechLogix, We are committed to be a partner in building a sustainable transport Solution for the Future.

We have a strong motivation behind us to foresee India as a Hub of various sustainable energy solutions in the near Future.

Our’s a Team of highly Motivated Professionals with Expertise in Various domain in the Automotive Engineering like Automotive Homologation and Certification, Powertrain Design, Automotive Electronics, Model Based Design for Automotive Applications etc.,

 Consultancy Services

Our  Professional Team with immense Knowledge in the Across Automotive Industry can help a business to become certified, by developing a quality system that meets the certification requirements of the standard intended.


                  Corporate Trainings

Haritha TechLogix Conducts various Corporate training Programmes across India in the Demanding Areas of Automotive Industry.

                      Academic Trainings

We believe that Industry based Academic Trainings can develop talents and  feed the employment market with appropriately skilled engineers with significant research capability.